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Amey Mathews

Amey Mathews is one of the owners of Yoga Within. She has been a student of yoga since 1993, and her love for the practice grows deeper every day. She began studying yoga as a student at Stanford University, and is always searching out ways to continue her yogic education. Over the years she has studied Iyengar, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Anusara, and Jivamukti styles of yoga – but Iyengar Yoga has been by far the greatest influence. “My goal as a teacher is to create an environment in which students feel safe, challenged, and enthusiastic about the many riches that yoga has to offer. Yoga is an optimistic discipline, which asserts that we all have vast potential beyond our current state.” Amey teaches with an emphasis on the philosophy and concepts behind the postures. She received her first certification from the White Lotus Foundation in 1999, and in 2004 she completed a 110-hour teacher training program with her primary teacher, Kofi Busia. Amey offers her humble gratitude to the many amazing teachers who have guided her practice; most notably Kofi Busia.
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Denise Wendler

Denise Wendler has been studying yoga since 1985 and teaching since 1996. She is an Intermediate Junior I certified Iyengar teacher and a graduate of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. She was fortunate to go to Pune in 2005 to study with the Iyengar family. Denise teaches classes in the Santa Cruz/San Jose area, and workshops and retreats in California and Hawaii. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities and her classes draw faithful students who appreciate her encouraging spirit and patient instruction. Denise is available for private lessons.
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Jane Freeman

Jane Freedman says: “Yoga is the most profound relationship I have ever known. The practices of yoga have held my attention and my heart with curiosity and demand that I respect and cherish. I attribute this to my current teacher of 22 years, Kofi Busia. His teaching is impeccable. His patience and yogic knowledge are second to none. I am inspired to teach with consistency, clarity of purpose and joy in honor of my teacher.”

Karyn Bristol

Karyn Bristol is one of the owners of Yoga Within. An Intermediate Junior 1 Certified Iyengar teacher, Karyn continually studies with senior Iyengar teachers to deepen her own yoga practice, expand her knowledge, and become a more effective teacher. Karyn took her first yoga class in 1986 and her practice had such a powerful, transformative effect on her life, she decided to become a yoga teacher. During the hours she spends each day in her home studio, Karyn uses her own body as a lab to explore how different sequences affect the body and emotions, discovers new approaches to work with injuries, and troubleshoots problems faced by her students. Karyn holds a certification in Yoga for Scoliosis, regularly travels to India to study with the Iyengar family, and is particularly grateful to her primary teacher, Kofi Busia. Karyn teaches beginners and intermediate students, offers specialized back care classes, and loves introducing her students to the path of yoga. Karyn also teachers private students at her yurt studio in Live Oaks

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Kofi Busia

Kofi Busia

Kofi Busia is one of the world’s foremost teachers in the Iyengar tradition. He has been teaching for nearly 40 years, and has held his Advanced Certificate for 35 years. He has taught, and is recognized, all over the world. He began yoga as a student at Oxford and has taught professionally ever since. Throughout the 1970’s and up until the mid-1980’s, he studied regularly with B. K. S. Iyengar, and directly from him on a regular basis at the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute in Pune, Maharashtra, South India. Although he has lived most of his life in Oxford, England, he is currently based in Santa Cruz, California, where he is putting the finishing touches to three planned books, one of which is an original translation and commentary, direct from the Sanskrit, of the Yoga Sutras of Patañjali. Until this work is complete he will continue to offer only a skeleton number of classes and workshops mainly in the Northern California area.


The Iyengar method places special focus on developing strength, endurance and correct body alignment in addition to flexibility and relaxation. The standing poses emphasized in this system of yoga build strong legs, increase general vitality, and improve circulation, coordination and balance. Iyengar Yoga is meditation in action – the mind is focused on the actions of the posture and the movement of the breath. As the mind unites with the body and the breath students move into a meditative state. Self exploration occurs through discovery and release of physical tension patterns and psychological resistance. As practice continues, a student’s ability to relax and to concentrate improves and inner awareness is enhanced. Only teachers that have passed the stringent certification may be classified as Iyengar teachers. At Yoga Within we are honored to have Kofi Busia, Karyn Bristol, and Denise Wendler as certified teachers.


This class incorporates many facets of a complete yoga practice: philosophy, breath awareness, postures, and mental focus. Each session could include discussion, breath work, flowing sequences of poses, and some longer, static postures. The goal is to increase strength, flexibility, and awareness. Hatha Yoga is a generalized term referring to any of a number of approaches based on Patanjali’s 8-path approach to yoga (Ethics toward others, Discipline toward self, Breath awareness, Postures, Sensory Control, Concentration, Meditation, Enlightenment).Hatha Yoga is the most common type of general yoga class.


These classes are aimed at beginning students who are looking to learn about yoga and begin a practice, in a supportive community of other beginning students. New students are welcome to drop-in at any time. Postures will be explained and demonstrated, and options will be provided to make the practice feel both challenging and safe for everyone.

Back Care

These classes are suitable for all practitioners, but special care is made to assist those with minor back issues. Overall emphasis is also placed on building a strong and healthy back for everyone, so as to avoid future back-related problems. If you have serious back injuries please speak with the instructor beforehand.

Viniyoga for Your Back

Viniyoga is a therapeutically-oriented style of yoga that emphasizes safety and adaptation based on the needs of the student. This class may be beneficial for those with low back pain, upper back and neck tightness, scoliosis, sciatica, and other back issues. We will be sure to include our other body parts, as well. Anyone looking for a gentle, therapeutic practice for healing or prevention, is welcome. This class would not be appropriate for acute conditions.

Therapeutic Yoga

Viniyoga is a therapeutically-oriented style of yoga that emphasizes safety and adaptation based on the needs of the student. In this class we will employ modifications of yoga poses to suit our needs. Each class will be rich and varied. We may explore wrist and ankles, low back, neck and shoulders, psoas muscle, or anxiety, just to name a few. We will develop our breath capacity and explore breath ratios and suspension and retention of the breath. This will be done in a safe and easy manner that is appropriate for all levels.