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Annica Rose

Annica Rose

Annica Rose Certified Yoga Therapist, has been practicing yoga for over forty five years. She is highly trained in yoga therapy and eastern philosophy. Additionally, she has experience working in women’s health, cardiology, orthopedics, and geriatrics, all contributing to her ability to provide extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Annica’s spirited enthusiasm for yoga, and her keen intuition allows her to creatively integrate body-mind awareness and therapeutic techniques catered to each student’s needs. Annica facilitates annual teacher trainings and is currently working on the Adaptive Yoga Project Teacher Training Manual. Visit the Adaptive Yoga Project website here.

Karen Zelin

Karen Zelin

Karen Zelin is one of the owners of Yoga Within.  She has been a student and teacher of Yoga and Meditation since the mid 1990’s.  She trained at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco, Judith Lassater’s Relax and Renew Certification program, and the Spirit Rock Yoga & Mindfulness Certification program, and is deeply involved with Insight Santa Cruz, a Buddhist meditation center.  Her long-time yoga teacher is Kofi Busia.

Karen’s teaching draws from her extensive training, years of experience and deep grounding in her own practice. Classes are designed to bring compassion to the body/mind, while increasing strength, flexibility and  awareness.  In her yoga classes, you will learn the poses, and as well as  a taste of philosophy, functional anatomy, and mindfulness—that’s yoga! It’s all connected.


Laurie Broderick-Burr

Laurie Broderick-Burr has been practicing and teaching yoga for 30 years. She has been deeply influenced in the Iyengar tradition by Judith Lasater, Aadil Palkhivala, and Kofi Busia. Laurie considers herself a life-long learner and consistently seeks to deepen her knowledge of human movement patterns. Currently enrolled in a Masters of Kinesiology program, Laurie expertly integrates principles of functional movement, anatomy, biomechanics, balance, and stability into classical asana instruction.  One of Laurie’s long-time students says, “Laurie’s approach to yoga combines ancient teachings with contemporary science in a way that makes asana practice meaningful in the modern world. With sensitivity and a good sense of humor she blends her deep and growing knowledge of the mechanics of the human body with the traditions of hatha yoga to provide practices that extend beyond the yoga studio into daily life.” Laurie’s Website:

Stephanie Barnes-Castro
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Stephanie Barnes-Castro

Stephanie Barnes-Castro is a certified Iyengar teacher as well as a licensed architect. These two professions, united, speak to the importance of maintaining a state of well being within the structure of the body and our home so that the mind can ultimately be at rest. The union of the mind, body and spirit is what inspires Stephanie’s yoga practice and teaching. She is precise and technical in her instruction, yet warm and accepting of each student; always attempting to meet them where they are at. Stephanie is a graduate of the Advanced Studies Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco 2012. She enjoys attending workshops with Senior Iyengar teachers in the US as well as travelling to Pune, India to receive direct instruction from the Iyengar family. She has had the great fortune to study with her primary teacher, Kofi Busia, since 2003. She is deeply grateful for his continued guidance and intellect.


Vanessa Racinet

VaZa offers a dynamic approach that guides students through a physically and spiritually expansive journey. Her teaching is unique in that her vigorous style is coupled with a strong focus on proper alignment and total body awareness.The use of personalized instruction helps students of any level harness the power that comes from an understanding of the relationship between breath and movement, body and mind. Vanessa infuses her Vinyasa based and multifaceted knowledge of Yoga with personal passion to inspire students to truly listen to their bodies, leave their egos at the door, and – most importantly – to have fun. Vanessa’s website:

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is the Sanskrit word for “connection.” It is a style of yoga that flows from one pose to the next, and all movements are synchronized with one’s breath.

Classes will focus on the fundamentals of basic poses, offering a well-rounded class emphasizing safe alignment, breathing techniques, and the gradual development of greater flexibility, strength and balance. The practice itself creates a dance-like flowing aesthetic. As such, students will come away from class with a good workout as well as a yoga experience.

Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation

This class is a unique offering:  half the class time is dedicated to yoga fundamentals and the other half is dedicated to meditation practices.  Each practice informs the other:  the body is explored as a gateway to acceptance and compassion.  Beginners, continuing beginners, and long term practitioners are all welcome.

Yoga for 50+

This slower-paced class is designed for the specific needs of mid-life and older students. Learn yoga in a supportive, light-hearted atmosphere. Props and modifications are used to increase mobility, flexibility and strength. Students of all abilities, and all body shapes and sizes are welcome.