Stephanie Barnes-Castro

Stephanie Barnes-Castro is a certified Iyengar teacher as well as a licensed architect. These two professions, united, speak to the importance of maintaining a state of well being within the structure of the body and our home so that the mind can ultimately be at rest. The union of the mind, body and spirit is what inspires Stephanie’s yoga practice and teaching. She is precise and technical in her instruction, yet warm and accepting of each student; always attempting to meet them where they are at. Stephanie is a graduate of the Advanced Studies Program at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco 2012. She enjoys attending workshops with Senior Iyengar teachers in the US as well as travelling to Pune, India to receive direct instruction from the Iyengar family. She has had the great fortune to study with her primary teacher, Kofi Busia, since 2003. She is deeply grateful for his continued guidance and intellect.