Yoga Within Going Forward
* The Future of Our Studio *

Dear Yoga Within Community,

We have made the difficult decision not to renew our lease when it will expire on June 30th. Until we understand more deeply the safety and health concerns of gathering in small spaces for extended periods of time, we do not feel right about re-opening. And yet, we remain deeply committed to teaching and offering high-quality yoga instruction. The three of us will keep Yoga Within going uninterrupted as an online studio for now. Our yoga practice has taught us to hold nuance – to allow grief and acceptance and optimism and realism to coexist.

This decision was made with tremendous care, with sadness, and, ultimately, with clarity. The reality of Yoga in the age of COVID-19 is complex and uncertain. For the foreseeable future we feel that it is not ethical, financially viable, or logistically appealing to struggle against reality and hold yoga classes in our small space. And it definitely doesn’t feel financially realistic or responsible to ourselves as owners, under these conditions, to take on the commitment of a new lease.

Of course we miss being together, and we know that you do too. Exchanging hugs and smiles. Breathing and chanting and moving together. Sharing banter and stories from our daily lives. Laughing and crying together. There is grief in this loss. And yet, indoor yoga in this era is going to look very different for quite some time: thermometers, waivers, restricted class sizes, drastically increased prices, and – most of all – increased risk to people we care about deeply. And so there is pain but also relief in acknowledging all of this, choosing not to fight against it, and turning to the future with curiosity and enthusiasm.

The Heart of Yoga Within

Yoga Within has been a home to so many of us for over 20 years now.

The truth is, together, we all form the steady heart of our studio. We feel immense love and appreciation for the beautiful spirit of Yoga Within – dedicated and knowledgeable teachers, committed and curious students, an inviting and non-competitive culture, a generous and warm spirit. None of this will change. 

We have enormous gratitude to all the Yoga Within teachers, who have taken the wisdom/knowledge/heart of yoga as they learned from their teachers, been transformed by it, and have taught to the next generation of students.

We have enormous gratitude to you, the students, who have been touched by the light of yoga, and who continue to practice knowing the steadiness, strength, resilience, and joy that a practice brings. You have stuck with us, and we will stick with you.

Yoga Within Moving Forward 

We have visions of online workshops, continued and enhanced educational opportunities to expand your practice, and visiting teachers with online classes. Online yoga is a new medium that has a lot of potential, which we are excited to explore! And – when it’s safe to do so – we’ll investigate other options; maybe outdoor classes, maybe pop-up classes. Eventually, there may even be a new building for Yoga Within to call home.

The three of us have each felt so many emotions as we have processed these decisions, and we guess that reading this letter will bring up feelings for you as well. Please give yourself the time and space to experience the truth of your feelings. Yoga has taught us that we are resilient, adaptable, and that we can turn toward reality, even when it is uncomfortable. Yoga Within is not a location, but lives in our hearts and in our practices.

If nothing else, the experience of grappling with this decision has illuminated to us just how much we care about and value this community. It’s difficult to adequately express our appreciation to each of you, and – from the bottom of our hearts – we hope you will come along on this transformational journey as we go forward.

With Love and Gratitude,

Karyn, Karen, and Amey