Niyamas: Philosophy & Reflection
5 Weeks of Inquiry

with Amey Mathews

Thursdays Feb 25-March 25


$75 for all 5 classes

5 Weeks of Inquiry
through philosophy and reflection

$75 for all 5 weeks
February 25th-March 25th
Thursdays 5:30-7:00 pm

In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Niyamas are put forth as “personal disciplines” – suggested as a means to help maintain our mental stability and reduce confusion.

The idea for this series was sparked a couple months back, when I realized just how acutely relevant these teachings are to the Covid-era that we find ourselves in:

Cleanliness – both bodily and morally (hand washing, mask disputes, etc!)

Contentment – how to grapple with contentment in such trying times?

Discipline– why put on nice pants if no one can see them on Zoom? How to maintain ritual, practice and order when so much has changed? Without clinging to the past?

Self-study– like it or not, aren’t we all learning so much about ourselves this year? How to turn that into a tool for growth?

Surrender to forces outside our self– as TKV Desikachar says “to recognize that, in the end, we are not masters of all that we do.” This year has been a huge lesson in humility and acceptance.

Obviously, a 5-week class on “personal disciplines” doesn’t immediately sound appealing! That said, Amey’s vision for this course is an opportunity for us to learn more deeply about yoga philosophy and ourselves, in a quiet and personal way. These practices are not merely intellectual concepts – in fact, they are very useful suggestions that we can apply immediately to daily lives . We can acknowledge the areas where we routinely face challenges, and also acknowledge our strengths… and learn how to support ourselves with compassion and structure.

In this philosophy class, we’ll examine each of these principles through in-depth sutra study, reflection, and discussion. We’ll look at each practice and how we can work gracefully with it in our own lives. Just to be clear, this is not an asana class!

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