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Dear Yoga Within Community, 

It is with wise and tender hearts that we are making the decision to suspend all classes and workshops at Yoga Within, effective immediately. Like many other businesses, we feel it is not socially responsible to facilitate the gathering of people, and we want to be a part of the solution in minimizing community spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19.

We have been teachers (and students) at this studio for so many years, and feel a very deep and meaningful connection to the space and to the beautiful community that we have all collectively helped create. May our sense of interconnectedness and mutual support continue during this strange and unpredictable time.

Here are some of our current thoughts/possibilites, which we plan to communicate more about in the next week:

  1. Several of our teachers are looking at ways to keep the classes connected by moving their teaching online. The most widely used platform right now seems to be Zoom. It is free for students to sign up, and it will provide a way for you to “attend” class from home – using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. The teacher could teach at their usual time, and you could just log in from home. Check the website for updates on this, and for instructions on how to join a class.

  2. Props:  Look for information which we will post shortly on how to buy props for your home practice. In the meantime, use whatever props you have at home.

  3. Ongoing Practice: We’ve attached below an intermediate sequence that is good for stress and building the immune system.  For beginners, we suggest this sequence: Forward bend (modify if need be with stretching out over a kitchen counter!) (or placing the forehead on a chair), puppy pose or Childs pose, dog pose, wide angle forward bend (use 2 modified props if your hands don’t reach the floor), legs up the wall with elevated hips, supported bridge pose and a nice long savasana. This sequence is meant as a support, but is not meant to serve in lieu of medical treatment.

  4. Amey, Karyn and Karen are available by e-mail if you need help putting a home practice sequence together.

Our practices support us physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and to the extent that you can continue your practice during this unsettled time, it can only be of service to you. Let us know how we can support you.

We welcome your thoughts and reflections on this serious and unprecedented experience.
May you all be healthy and safe, steady and wise.
Amey, Karen, Karyn